My work includes Paintings and Drawings that depict Southwest, Architectural, Abstract, Science Fiction, Magical, Pop, Contemporary, and Cultural themes. My photography covers a broad spectrum, including people, places, nature, events, and anything that catches my attention and looks interesting.

Originally from New Mexico and now a Colorado resident, my Southwest artwork derives from a longtime interest in Southwestern Archaeology and has been influenced particularly by the art, pottery and jewelry design work of Native American artists. I have visited, photographed and produced magazine feature stories about numerous Anasazi sites in New Mexico and the Four Corners Area, including Chaco Canyon, Acoma, Puye, Aztec, and Mesa Verde. I have also produced photo-features on artists, art galleries, and events in Santa Fe and Taos and stories on places of interest in New Mexico and Arizona.

My abstract artwork has evolved from an interest in design and color. My geometric designs have been influenced by Art Deco and my use of metallic paint has been influenced by the work of Gustav Klimt. My work also reflects my interest in African and Egyptian design and the art and history of other cultures.

My drawings and paintings are done with acrylic paint, oil pastels and soft pastels, watercolor, colored pencils, markers, ink and computer graphics. I also design and build 3-D sculpture projects.

My career includes experience as a magazine editor, writer, creative director, graphic designer, artist, photographer, website designer, video producer-director, and advertising/marketing consultant.

My work has never been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or at the Louvre and I have not yet received a call from Sothebys.

In addition to spending time painting and drawing, I am currently:

Editor, - covering Art, Music and Travel
Editor, - covering the Southwest
Principal, Fenson-Hood Marketing & Design